Welcome to this site where I share what I’ve gained by working as a VP of Marketing and Product Management for more than a decade (marketing solutions used for product design, infrastructure [AEC], medical applications, eDocs, advertising, media & entertainment, and solutions sold directly to photographers and artists).  The product management and marketing challenges I faced with Wacom’s team spanned B2B and B2C planning|execution.

Because many of Wacom’s customers are digital natives,  I lead the team early in the process to build experiences based on respect, transparency and authenticity, while developing a company culture and brand mission that compounded brand value to customers over time.

Like many of you, I faced quickly changing customer behavior related to “the marketing funnel”.  The situation encouraged me to explore the idea that “AGILE”  could and should be further developed as a formal approach to modern [digital] marketing challenges and opportunities.

As I work on consulting projects and take time to find my next company engagement (I’m currently in the market for a new job), this site will be the place where I share modern marketing resources, perspective, and thoughts on what I’ve learned and continue to learn.


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